Blackberry Spark® UES Suite

Zero Trust Security with a Zero Touch Experience

Secure and protect your users and devices, even BYOD laptops and smartphones, with a solution that’s focused on earning trust across any endpoint and continuously validating that trust at every event or transaction.

AI-Driven Prevention for all Endpoints

Single-agent, single management console.

New refreshed dashboard.

Granular role-based access control allows administrators to customize permissions to quickly restrict employee access.

BlackBerry Protect for Powerful Prevention

Endpoint security redefined. BlackBerry Protect AI-driven technology prevents attacks before they can damage your devices, network, or reputation. No signatures. More predictability. Less hassle. Prevention is possible with BlackBerry Protect.

BlackBerry Protect leverages artificial intelligence to detect and prevent attacks before they can execute. It prevents users from opening URLs and visiting spoofing websites designed to mimic legitimate pages in order to gather confidential or personal information.

Memory protection adds an additional layer of security and strengthens the OS’s basic protection features – preventing attackers from using memory to exploit vulnerabilities.

Monitor, detect, and protect against malicious scripts/script paths running in your environment – before they can execute.

Lockdown specified systems and restrict any changes to the devices after being locked down. Perfect to ensure fixed-function devices remain in a pristine uncompromised state.

Set parameters for what devices can connect to your environment – granting access can be as specific as designating serial numbers or as general as device category.

Using interactive dashboards with real-time statistics, users can easily increase their situational awareness and gain insight into their potential attack surface.

Stop Zero-Day Attacks

Easy Management

Light Performance

Faster Protection

Predict To Prevent

Eliminate Signatures

Device Approval

Stop Ransomware