BlackBerry Spark UEM Suite

Equip your organization with the highest level of security, flexibility and simplicity

Support your workforce productivity needs with the right combination of security, management tools and platform stability, whether your staff is working remotely on personal devices, or in the office.

Unified Endpoint Management with Industry-leading Security

BlackBerry® UEM securely enables the Internet of Things with complete endpoint management and policy control for your diverse and growing fleet of devices and apps. With its single management console and trusted end-to-end security, BlackBerry UEM provides flexibility and security to keep your employees connected and protected so they can work from practically any device, anywhere.

Highest Security and Enhanced Productivity

Is your organization equipped with the tools to empower your employees, no matter where they’re working? In a situation where employees may be unable to report to the office, it’s essential that they still have secure access to the data and apps they need, whether they use corporate or personal owned devices.   

Give your employees the flexibility to work using any personal device. The BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suites offers a single platform that streamlines the management process across devices, apps, files and users.

The BlackBerry Spark UEM Suites can be delivered on premises, as a cloud service or in a mixed model. Whichever deployment you choose, you’ll get reliable BlackBerry® technical support, disaster recovery features and mobility uptime you can count on. As with all the BlackBerry Spark Suites, the subscription model eliminates upfront capital costs and allows predictable yearly operating expenses.

A Single Solution for Device and App Management




Unified, Multi-OS Endpoint Management


BlackBerry UEM provides an integrated view of users, devices, apps and policies, across multiple ownership models and platforms, including iOS, Android™, Windows 10®, macOS, and Chrome OS.



Flexible Deployment


Scalable up to 25,000 devices per server and 150,000 devices per domain, BlackBerry UEM can be deployed on-premise or in the cloud.



Reduced Total Cost of Ownership


Reduce server hardware requirements, eliminate redundant software licensing and support contracts and reallocate IT staff resources for lower TCO.



Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)


BlackBerry® Protect uses the power of artificial intelligence to block malware infections, prevent URL phishing attacks and provide application integrity checking. It’s built directly into BlackBerry UEM so you can be assured that all the mobile endpoints BlackBerry UEM manages are protected from zero-day threats.



Manage from a Single Console


BlackBerry UEM offers unprecedented control from a single console, across all devices and custom and third-party apps.

Products Included in the
BlackBerry Spark UEM Suites

The following products are available in the BlackBerry Spark® UEM Suite:

BlackBerry® UEM

BlackBerry® Access

BlackBerry® Dynamics™

BlackBerry® Tasks

BlackBerry® Work

BlackBerry® Connect

BlackBerry® Notes

BlackBerry® Edit

BlackBerry® Enterprise BRIDGE

BlackBerry® Workspaces

BlackBerry® 2FA

BlackBerry® Enterprise Identity